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Ich selbst: die Wachheit meiner Sinne. Weiss is not the only playwright who wrote a drama about the Vietnam wars while they were still continuing. In andWeiss participated again in the Russell tribunal. The title refers en route for the end of the narrative, after the observational eye, which is dadurch witnessing domestic aggression, for example the corporal punishment of a child, becomes a voyeur of silhouettes and describes how he sees the shadows of a coachman and a maid absorb in sexual intercourse 26—

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Ort: Kunsthaus. They listen in while soldiers and workers talk about colonial wars. The protagonist gives up his former role of an obedient inquirer. The narrator of Abschied von den Eltern concludes that, far from signaling angeschaltet ethical achievement, the fact that he personally did not commit any battle crimes might be a mere result of contingent circumstances. While Goethe is leafing through a bundle of manuscripts, Schiller lectures on the education of human beings. In his view, only organized mass 22 terror is adequate. In the beginning scene of the first act, K is surprised by a grotesque nocturnal visit.

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SinceWeiss lived with Gunilla Palmstierna, a Swedish artist and stage designer whose parents were psychoanalysts. Performance. At times, but, his interpretive conclusions run the attempt of becoming too stagnant and formulaic. So zeigt dieser Maler, wie Allgemeinheit Mächte ringsum uns bis in Allgemeinheit Sehnen und Muskeln gehn, bis all the rage die Organe, bis ans Skelett. Mon, 3.

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